My Window My Frame

Multimedia installation My Window My Frame 


My Window, My Frame is a multimedia installation that observes the lives of others through the window. An introspection initiated by the solitude during the pandemic, and at the same time, the connection with nature and the need for the other.

My Window, My Frameinstallation is composed of three elements: images, music, and words. These elements are intertwined in short acts, each with different approaches and sensations. The projected images, accompanied by live music and poetry readings, invite us to reconnect with ourselves, others, and nature.

The images were taken by the photographer Claudia Adeath; the music was composed and performed by Fernando Massino, and the poems were written and performed by Claudia Cohen. Together, the artists explore the feelings of loneliness and reconnection imposed by that interruption, in daily life, that was the pandemic.



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